1. W2s
  2. 1099s like 1099 INT- for the bank interest earned, 1099 MISC – if you worked as a independent consultant
  3. Any income from Stocks or other capital gain, Rental income, social security income, alimony, dividends, IRA or pension distributions, Farm income, Royalties, Unemployment compensation or any other kind of income

  1. A first name, Last name, SSN or ITIN (As per SSN Record).
  2. Date Of Birth.
  3. Mailing address that you used on last year’s tax return, if you filed taxes last year, Nothing if you did not file taxes last year.
  4. And the new mailing address that you want to be used this year.
  5. Your direct contact phone number.
  6. We need a copy of two forms of Identification (* can be relaxed on condition).
  7. Passport ( First page last page and VISA Page ).
  8. Drivers license or any other identification.

Where you want the deposit.
Routing number and account number, type of account( checking/savings).

Moving Expenses- moving related to Work
Student Educational loan Interest paid (including paid in India)
HSA- Health Savings Account Deduction
IRA Contributions
Educational Expenses
Home Improvement Expenses
Income Taxes paid in India
Child daycare Expenses

For Itemized deduction we need elaborate details of all you expenses for the year. A half hour interview is required to collect all the details

You are eligible to claim a tax rebate for a relative who visited you to US or dependent. Please see ITIN pagefor more details

Our Fee varies from 10$ to 50$ in most cases. can be paid in through bank deposit, PayPal or Deductible form refund

Once you submit a copy of all your documents we will prepare a draft copy of your federal return by next day which you can review and update us for suitable changes, we will then amend the draft copy of federal return. We will file your return ONLY when you are fully satisfied.

Do not worry if you do not have all the information needed by 15April. We can file your extension for FREE so that you get time till 15 OCT to file your return.

If you have any special situation please feel free to consult. FREE CONSULTATION.