This is a sample of old type of indian passport, in this type issuing officer page is along the right side of the front page.

In new type of Indian passport this page may be on a seperate page.

Issuing officer page is must for ITIN.

Plase leave margin along the sides. Place passport in the center of the scanner.

If you are using mobile device for scanning, ensure that the scan is a good quality, other wise it is not accepted by IRS. Mear legible scan is not enought.




Please leave margin along all the sides. Scan in booklet format. Do not truncate the scan leave blank area along the sides.

If you are using a mobile device ensure the qulaity of the picture. Poor quality may lead to rejection.


Please scan the visa page with latest entry exit stamp page.

if you have multiple entry exit stamps, send us copy of latest entry exit stamp page.

Leave margin along all the side, do not truncate the scan.


if you are using a mobile device, ensure quality of scan, poor scan can lead to rejection. Mear legible scan is not engouh. Scan in booklet format ie both sides togather .